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1. How many kinds of bumper car rides for sale now?
According to the current market, there are about three kinds of bumper cars for sale. The first is the ancient Skynet bumper car. The second is the ground net bumper car. Then there is the battery bumper car.


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2. What are the differences between the three bumper cars?
Skynet bumper car rides need to be paved with special materials up and down the site. From the appearance, Skynet bumper cars will have a "small tail" connected to the ceiling on the site.
The ground net bumper car needs to lay the floor made of special materials, instead of laying the ceiling.
Because the battery-operated bumper car is battery-driven, the battery is inside the bumper car, so it is no longer necessary to lay a special site.
These three kinds of bumper cars capacity all is 2 person capacity.


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3. What's the difference in the experience of the three kinds of bumper cars?
From the sense of experience, Skynet bumper cars are faster and more exciting. The speed of the ground bumper car is slightly slower than that of Skynet, but it is still very exciting. The bumper car of the battery model has a lower speed.


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4. How to choose a bumper car that suits you?
If your venue is indoors, it is a fixed venue such as an amusement park and theme park, and there is no need to change the venue, and the market group mainly targeted at adults, we recommend you to use Skynet bumper car and ground net bumper. The experience is more exciting. However, Skynet bumper cars are relatively complicated in construction.


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The bumper car of the ground net is now the mainstream bumper car for sale in the market. It is exciting to experience, but it only needs to lay the floor, and the construction is relatively simple compared with Skynet bumper car.

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If your budget is sufficient and the venue is fixed, we recommend you to use the bumper car of the ground network. If your venue is still open at night, we also recommend that you add light strips and so on when laying the floor. The whole game will be more attractive under the light of the lamp.
If your venue is set up in front of the mall or in the park, the venue and business hours are not very fixed, and the market is mainly for children or people whose parents need to take care of children, we recommend you to use the battery bumper car. It can be used only after being fully charged, and it needs a flat ground. Easy to move, no need to lay the special floor. Relatively slow, very safe.


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There are many kinds of bumper cars on sale now. In the appearance of bumper cars, we recommend that you choose bumper cars with lights and novel shapes, which will make your parks and amusement parks more attractive. Moreover, the number of bumper cars should be at least 6, and it is more interesting to have more interaction when many people collide with each other.

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If you need to operate in different venues and cities and need a simple operation, we also have a new folding bumper car for you to choose from.

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5. How to maintain bumper cars?
Check the screws of the bumper car conductive wheel.
Check whether the screws of the conductive wheel of the bumper car are loose and whether the rubber cover of the screws of the electric wheel is damaged before opening a business or after closing the door every day. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.
Check the insulation glue of the bumper car safety electric wheel.
The insulating glue of the electric wheel has good electrical insulation, resistance to electric leakage and corrosion, hydrophobicity, flame retardancy, etc. Check the insulation glue of the bumper car safety electric wheel once a day. If it is damaged, replace it in time. Minor damage should also be replaced, preferably once a day.
Screws at various positions should be reinforced, and wheels should be lubricated with oil.
The brake screws of bumper cars and the conductive wheel screws of bumper cars should be tightened in time if they are loose, and if there are any slippery threads, they should be replaced. Lubricate the wheels regularly.


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