What is The Trackless Train or Tourist Train?

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A trackless train or land train consists of a locomotive pulling several carriages in the manner of a locomotive-hauled railway train. The locomotive is steered by a steering wheel, which is operated by a human driver, the following carriages are steered by the couplings between the carriages.
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We have a family ride trackless train and a big tourist train for sale. The family ride trackless train is consists of a locomotive and four carriages, Each carriage may seat six kids or adults. The whole set of trains can carry 24 passengers. According to the budget or playground area, you can also remove or increase the carriages. Three carriages or seven carriages are possible.

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Family ride trackless trains are featuring closed carriages which are contain latched doors to act as safety measures to prevent children exit while running.
Family ride trackless train is popular with children, which is widely used in shopping malls, amusement parks, outdoor plazas, mobile funfair, etc.
We have different locomotive designs for your choice. The colors also can be customized according to your demands.

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Regarding the driving methods, the locomotive can be powered by a diesel engine or some batteries.
Diesel trackless train has strong power and is easy to make the energy fulling, the disadvantage is engine sound is loud.

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Battery trackless train draws power from 60V batteries, the motor is silent in motion, the disadvantage is needing to recharge frequently. Usually, the recharge time is 8-10 hours, and working time can last 5-6 hours.

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We made this battery-operated trackless train for our client who comes from The United States. He bought three carriages for his train set, the capacity is 18 kids. Carriages’ colors are customized according to his demands. Except for the family ride trackless train, he also bought some inflatable castles from us. All of his goods were put into a 20 feet container and shipped to Houston.

family ride trackless train for sale
The dimension of the locomotive is 3000*1050*1865 mm, the dimensions of the carriage are 1510*1050*1090 mm. Usually, one 20 feet container can load one locomotive and four carriages.
Tourists ride trackless trains are usually used to carry tourists from one place to another, so it is widely used in museums, zoos, theme parks, or other tourist destinations.

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Per carriage is equipped with doors or chains to act as safety measures to prevent tourists exit while in the running. Carriages and locomotives are made in either fiberglass or aluminum.
Per carriage may seat 20 passengers, featuring open or closed sides and different levels of interior comfort such as padded seats and fiberglass seats.
According to the investor’s budget or playground area, you can also remove or increase the carriages. One carriage or three carriages are possible.
Tourist trackless trains also can be made in battery driving and diesel engine driving. One battery set usually is 12V 150Ah *16 pieces or 12V 200Ah *12pieces.
Diesel operated tourist train, the engine power is 48KW and has a large fuel tank, capacity is 60 L.
We made this tourist ride trackless train for our client who comes from New Zealand, they have a strawberry festival in the local city, the theme color is red and green. These three carriages contain doors to act as safety measures.

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Because the customer flow is large, this client bought three carriages for his train set. Considering the large load capacity and working time, we installed two sets of batteries to make sure the train set may work 100 km after the charging.
The dimension of the locomotive is 4000*1500*2100 mm, the dimensions of the carriage are 3950*1700*2480 mm. This client books two 40 feet containers to load his train set.

big tourist trains for sale
How to safe driving the trackless train? Please note the following matters need attention:
Six checks before departure
1. Check battery power, < 50% don’t drive outside;
2. Check tire pressure is normal or not;
3. Check the foot pedal ( on carriages) is fastened or not;
4. Check the chains ( on carriages) is fastness or not;
5. Check the couplings between the carriages is fastened or not;
6. Check the brake system is normal or not, the gear must be in a neutral position before working.

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Six cautions in Driving
1. Pay attention to the speed, can’t exceed 10 km/h;  
2. Look out for the pedestrians, if possible, please sound the horn and slow down;
Remind passengers to be safe. Playing, standing, and other dangerous behaviors are not allowed.
3.No sudden braking.
4.No sudden turning, when turning or overtaking should use the indicator lights and sound the horn.
5. It is forbidden to overload.

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Four cautions after parking
1. Check the battery power and recharge in time.
2. Turn off the power supply;
3. On a rainy day should take waterproof measures.
4. Timely repair the knocked points and repaint them.

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